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Part Hunters has a zero counterfeit tolerance policy and a very aggressive anti counterfeit program and takes quality very seriously. This is evidenced by our very low RMA rate – which is consistently below 1%, a very low rate considering many of our customers are utilizing our services to source obsolete, allocated and hard to source parts.

We understand that our customers need more than a supplier; they need a strategic partner in their supply chain, so we strive to be that and more.

Part Hunters is ISO 9001:2015 certified for our quality management system & ANSI/ESD compliant.

All of our vendors are carefully screened prior to approval and given an ongoing performance analysis to determine their supplier rating. Our vendors must maintain an acceptable rating in our system in order to stay on our approved supplier list (ASL).

Upon receipt all parts undergo an extensive inspection process, in accordance with IDEA-1010-B, microscopic visual inspection and a marking permanancy test. Any parts with noted non conformances are immediately quarantined.

Part Hunters utilizes an INDEPENDENT testing facility for further analysis and screening including decapsulation for die analysis, HCT to test for remarking, and electrical testing Our Independent testing facility is certified ISO 9001:2008 and certified as meeting the requirements of AS9100-C.

The testing capabilities and procedures utilized include the following:

Visual Inspection

External visual inspection is a process of verifying the attributes of parts such as components condition, part markings, evidence of a secondary coating, lead conditions, dimensions and surface quality. Visual inspection is performed per SAE AS5553 and MIL-STD-883 Method 2009.9 and on a sample parts from a given lot.

Heated Chemical

  • Confirms secondary coating
  • Exposes bead blasting marks
  • Exposes sanding marks
  • Shows previous markings
  • Dissolves partially cured resins
  • Exposes pull marks and chips

X-ray Analysis

X-ray inspection is a non-destructive test. It is a process to verify the bond wire connections, die size comparison and ESD damaged. Our typical sample lot check is 5 samples or 100% depending customer requirement. Counterfeit devices can be determined by comparing the structure of the die to a known good device. Part should be identical from bond wire location to die size.

Decap or Delid

Decapsulation is to chemically etch a device until the die is exposed. This is done with a Jet Etch system from Nisene Technology Group. Once exposed a device may be confirmed by reading the internal die markings under a microscope. In some events a die marking will correlate with a devices external markings.


XRF can be carried out on parts to evaluate the material composition of the terminations and the molding compound in order to detect the presence or absence of Pb and other discrepancies with an authentic part. This is a non-destructive test. A complete graph will be providing with a list of substances found.

Electrical Testing

  • Digital, Linear, Memory, and MPU
  • Linear IC, Op Amps, and Mixed Logic
  • Microprocessors, DSPs, Microcomputers
  • Memories, RAM, FPGA, ROM
  • Transistor, Diode, Zener, SCR or Triac
  • Passives capacitors, Resistor, Inductors

QC Equipment

IM-8000 Optical Comparator


The Keyence IM-8000 optical comparator is an advanced measuring instrument that can be utilized in quality control on aerospace components and hardware. This device utilizes a high-resolution camera and advanced image processing algorithms to accurately measure the dimensions of small parts with sub-micron accuracy. The system can perform both 2D and 3D measurements, making it ideal for the measurement of complex geometries found in many aerospace components.

One of the key benefits of using the Keyence IM-8000 optical comparator in quality control is its ability to perform fast and accurate measurements without touching the part being measured. This means that delicate or fragile parts can be measured without risk of damage, ensuring that they remain fit for purpose. Additionally, because the system uses non-contact measurement techniques, there is no need to clean or prepare parts before measurement, saving time and reducing the risk of contamination.

Another advantage of using this device is its ability to generate highly detailed images of parts under inspection. These images can be used to detect even the smallest defects or deviations from specification, enabling manufacturers to identify potential issues early on in the production process. This allows corrective action to be taken quickly and efficiently, reducing the likelihood of costly rework or scrap further down the line.

Overall, the Keyence IM-8000 optical comparator represents a powerful tool for quality control in aerospace manufacturing. Its combination of speed, accuracy, and non-contact measurement makes it ideal for use on delicate or complex parts where traditional contact-based methods may not be suitable. By utilizing this device as part of their quality control processes, manufacturers can ensure that their products meet strict industry standards while minimizing waste and maximizing efficiency.



The Keyence VHX-7000 is a highly advanced digital microscope that has become an essential tool in the electronic component counterfeit mitigation and quality assurance processes. This instrument provides high-resolution images and precise measurements that allow manufacturers to detect even the smallest differences in components, ensuring their authenticity and quality.

One of the key features of the VHX-7000 is its ability to capture three-dimensional images of electronic components with incredible clarity. Its advanced optics and lighting systems can magnify objects up to 500 times, which allows technicians to observe minute details such as surface texture, dimensions, markings, soldering patterns, and other characteristics that are crucial for identifying counterfeit or defective parts.

Another important aspect of this device is its powerful software suite that enables users to analyze data quickly and efficiently. The software offers various measurement tools like angle measurement, length measurement, height measurement among others that help identify any deviations from expected specifications. It also maintains complete records of inspection results, making it easier for manufacturers to track and verify their quality control processes.

Overall, the Keyence VHX-7000 is an invaluable tool for electronic component counterfeiting mitigation and quality assurance. Its sophisticated imaging technology combined with robust analytical capabilities makes it possible for manufacturers to ensure product integrity while improving production efficiency. As a result, these industries can maintain customer trust by providing authentic products consistently while safeguarding themselves against litigation or damage to brand reputation due to counterfeit components.

In addition to these services we can also offer solderability, speed grade verification, LVDS LCD testing, temp screening, baking and dry packing, and tape and reel service.