We market and resell end-of-life inventories of electronic components on a consignment basis

Obsolete, Hard to Find and Discontinued Electronic Components are our Business

Excess Electronic Component Inventory

Part Hunters offers a wide variety of Excess Electronics Inventory Solutions. Whether it is a list of obsolete parts, semiconductors or just electronic components that you no longer need, we have the solution for you to sell excess inventory. As an electronics distributor we buy and sell everything that has value including new and obsolete semiconductors, integrated circuits, military components, transistors, resistors, capacitors, diodes, connectors, switches, relays, CPU’s and hard drives. Call us today to customize a program that suits your company best!

Excess Inventory Services
Part Hunters has an extensive excess/surplus inventory of electronic components and integrated circuits. Because Part Hunters has a broker division that operates in a brokerage business model, it is standard operating procedure for Part Hunters to purchase and resell excess, surplus and end-of-life electronic components, semiconductors and integrated circuits. Our customer-focused teams build strong, enduring relationships by maximizing the value of our customers’ excess inventory and minimizing the sales effort.

Excess Stock Management
Part Hunters provides logistical support to customers with excess product. These services include detailed evaluation, inspection and repackaging (as necessary) of excess inventory as well as our full suite of value added services. Part Hunters also provides customized excess inventory programs for OEMs and CEMs with specific needs.

Part Hunters also markets and resells end-of-life inventories of electronic components on a consignment basis. This frees up space in your warehouse and gives Part Hunters the ability to ship direct from stock. Our programs specifics include:

  • 100% visual inspection, and value-added-service on all products as necessary
  • Complete confidentiality: Nondisclosure agreements, removal of labels, logos, etc. as agreed upon
  • Comprehensive ESD Program with storage in climate-controlled, ESD-safe warehouse
  • Consignment stock is kept segregated from other inventory / stock
  • Detailed list of material upon arrival and monthly activity reports and monthly invoices and payments