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Programmable Logic is Our Business

Xilinx leads the Programmable Logic Device (PLD) market - one of the fastest growing segments of the semiconductor industry. This market features a revolutionary technology called the field programmable gate array (FPGA) that our company pioneered in 1984. Xilinx is the world's leading supplier of programmable logic solutions. We supply customers with "off-the-shelf" logic devices that customers can program to perform specific functions using the development tools we provide. This programmability provides a revolutionary alternative to fixed or custom logic devices that typically require many months to design, test, and manufacture. Xilinx customers enjoy the benefit of faster time-to-market and increased product design flexibility as a result.

Uses for Programmable Logic

Our company's business is drawn from a variety of industry segments. In recent years, a large portion of our revenues came from the communications marketplace. However, we have become increasingly more diversified to include the consumer, industrial, and automotive sectors. You can find Xilinx chips in a wide variety of digital electronic applications ranging from wireless base stations to HDTV to portable handsets.