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Microsemi is a long-time supplier of high-reliability discrete components to military, aerospace, and medical customers. Microsemi has transformed itself into a global supplier of high performance analog, mixed-signal integrated circuits and high reliability discrete semiconductors that manage and regulate voltage, current and power, as well as protect against transient voltage spikes, and transmit, receive and amplify electronic signals.

Our products include linear microcircuits, digital microcircuits, op amps, logic array networks, analog control circuits, and a variety of discrete devices (transistors, quad transistors, FETs, diode arrays, glass rectifiers, and many other diode products including Zeners, Transient Voltage Suppressors, Current Limiters, Reference Diodes, and Signal Diodes.

Microsemi specializes in assembly of hermetic packages, such as: Flat Packs, DIPS, TO-46, TO-18, TO-87, TO-39, TO-99, TO-3, TO-254, TO-257, TO-258, as well as DO-4, DO-5, DO-7, DO-8, DO-9, DO-13, DO-35, DO-213AA, DO-213AB and many other thermally matched void- less metallurgically-bonded hirel packages in both axial-leaded and MELF designs (for through-hole and surface mount applications respectively) to name a few.

Diode Array  JAN JANTX JANTXV  1N57 and 1N61
Dual Ultra fast Power Rectifier JAN JANTX JANTXV  1N67
Fast Rectifier (100-500ns) JAN JANTX JANTXV 1N38
High Voltage Rectifier JAN  JANTX  1N36  1N42 and 1N51
Ultra Fast Rectifier (less than 100ns) JAN  JANS JANTX  JANTXV 1N58
Hi-Rel Transistors
NPN Dual Transistors  JAN  JANTX  JANTXV JANS 2N20  2N29
NPN Darlington Transistor JAN  JANS  JANTX  JANTXV 2N62  2N63
PNP Quad Transistor IAN  JANS  JANTX JANTXV  2N69

Part Hunters is an excellent resource for long lead time and obsolete Hi Rel Microsemi discrete’s including diodes and transistors. Many of our parts are available with Mfg Certs.

In addition to Microsemi we also supply Hi Rel discrete’s including diodes and transistors by Unitrode and Semtech.