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Burr-Brown developed and manufactured Analog ICs and Mixed-Signal ICs for electronics and signal processing. Burr-Brown products are used in a variety of applications, including:

  • Digital audio and video
  • Media and personal computing
  • Telecommunications
  • Test and measurement instrumentation
  • Medical imaging
  • Industrial process and control
  • Test and measurement instrumentation

In September 2000, Texas Instruments acquired Burr-Brown Corporation.

Burr-Brown by Texas Instruments

TI is delivers complete high-performance analog solutions. Here's what we can offer you now:

  • Industry-leading high-speed and high-resolution data converters from the Burr-Brown product line, in addition to TI's data converter line
  • Burr-Brown instrumentation, precision and high-speed amplifiers that complement the TI portfolio in audio and single supply amplifiers
  • TI's industry-leading power management and interface product portfolios.

Burr-Brown Sample Part Number:
(i.e. INA332AIDGKT, INA117KU, DCR012405U, OPA101AM, ADS7805, DAC8043)

Burr-Brown Part Prefixes
INA: Amplifiers, Instrumentation Amplifiers, Difference Amplifiers,
Shunt Monitors, Line Drivers
OPA: Operational Amplifiers. (OP AMPS)
DAC: Digital to Analog Converters
ADS: Analog to Digital Converters
DCR: DC to DC Converters